CHRIS PICKLE - Director | Co-writer | Producer

Chris' experimental film “Finding Electra” explored the caustic relationship between Rita, a stripper (stage name Electra), and her low-life boyfriend, Cooper. Shot unconventionally in mockumentary style, the film garnered critical acclaim and was considered by critics as uncomfortably accurate, with some wondering if the material was based on real-life events. Chris pleads the fifth. The film won the Audience Award at the Vancouver Island Film Festival and was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award at the Toronto Online Film Festival.

Chris has also directed several music videos as well as produced many national television commercials including spots for Chrysler and Caesars Casinos.

In Saving Grace, Chris' debut feature film, he continues his interest in exploring twisted and uneasy relationships, but this time the stakes are raised to horrific consequences. “it's fascinating the way we continually evaluate relationships, and sometimes we never really know the good from the bad until it's too late” says Chris. “The film keeps the audience on edge trying to filter the truth from the lies and nervously visualizing the bloodshed that seems imminent.” He continues.